Versa-Lift Rentals
Nick Bohanon, LLC is your source for Versa-Lift Rentals in Indiana and Kentucky! We are located in Jeffersonville, Indiana and near Louisville, Kentucky.

Versa-Lift is a heavy duty forklift that's built to handle those big jobs! The Versa-Lift was designed specifically for moving heavy machinery smoothly and safely on solid surfaces for riggers. The frame of the Versa-Lift extends, allowing it to achieve greater lift capacity. In addition, the Vesa-Lift Forklift is equipped with a removable hydraulic boom, giving it crane capability. No other forklift can provide this level of flexibility. The 40/60 Versa-Lift model can lift 40,000 pounds with the base retracted or up to 60,000 pounds with the base extended. Built with maneuverability, power, and ease of use in mind, the 40/60 is our most popular heavy-duty forklift.
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